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Our Maui GPS Guide is really 3 tours in 1.

Our Hana Tour portion goes all the way to Hana and beyond to Kipalulu. You'll discover all the waterfalls and tropical scenery that makes this drive so famous.

Our Haleakala Tour portion goes all the way to the summit, and along the slopes all the way to 'Ulupalakua and beyond past Kaupo. Good for sunrise or daytime.

Our Island-Wide portion has narration along all of Maui's popular roads as you explore all of Maui along your drives. Includes all our World-Class and hidden beaches.

Over 100 photos show you what you can't see from your car.

Our Maui Tour coverage map above shows all the popular routes you'll hear interesting narration along. Our app has two Maui tour areas: Island-Wide shown in red routes, and Hana and Haleakala shown in blue routes. Each has its own button to tap, and you'll be instructed when to do so. And you can drive in either direction.

Narration plays automatically along your drives. Make sure you have followed the instructions you will see when you open our app.