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Maui Testimonials

We have received hundreds of testimonials over the past 33 years for our cassette and CD Hana Tours; they are now starting for our app.

Maui GPS Guide

INCREDIBLE   Incredible tour! We learned so much. best money we have spent on this vacation. Ajtjnk5644

An Awesome App   We just used this app yesterday! It was awesome!!! We'll be recommending it to anyone we know that is going to Maui! CarrieLCG

SUPER!   Not only was the narration great, but the map showed so many places we would have missed... justine456dl

AMAZING   This was a great tour, and all those photos really added to the experience... charliee44

FANTASTIC   It was like someone in our car showing us things we would have never seen. Really liked the photos... Highly recommended. osullsach29

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